The SQlab Step-saddle concept

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Led by urologist and extreme biker Dr. Stefan Staudte, the step saddle concept has arisen alongside the saddle width system.

SQlab step saddles are available for all cycling activities from triathlon to road bikes, for various disciplines of mountain biking, for active trekking and touring bikes as well as for the cyclist who values comfort on a trekking or city bike. The lowered saddle nose relieves pressure to the sensitive areas of both men and women. The availability of various saddle widths accommodates any differences in individual anatomy. For years, SQlab, with its various concepts; saddle width system, step saddle and adaptive damping, has been the most successful brand in saddle tests carried out by German trade magazines (test portals such as confirm this).

More free space – less pressure!

The lower level of the saddle nose in conjunction with the slight indentation in the center of the saddle creates more space for the sensitive areas, especially for men.

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