SQlab Teammember since: 2018


Discipline: Freeride & Downhill 


Ergonomics in cycling is important for me, the direct contact points to the bike are extremely decisive for success and failure, but also for the fun of biking.


SQlab Favourite products: 7OX grips, 611 ERGOWAVE® ltd. S´Qantara 


Greatest success: Big Final Whip off Crankworx Whistler, 3rd place Austrian DH Championship, 250,000 subscribers on Instagram, video "My Dreamgirl" with 10 million views


Motto: Life is what you make of it!


Carbon or S-Tube: Carbon instead of endurance 

Emma Hinze
SQlab Teammember since: 2020


Discipline: Track cycling Short time 


Ergonomics in cycling is important for me because: I don't ride such long distances and I don't have much time to get the maximum out of myself, so everything has to be right in the few seconds.


SQlab Favourite products: 610 Ergolux active & 612 R


Greatest success: 3 times world champion in women's sport at the World Championships in Berlin 2020, 3 world cup wins in women's sport, 4 times junior world champion, 5 times junior European champion


Motto: What comes easy won't last long and what lasts long won't come easy.


Fotocredits: Frank Hammerschmidt

SQlab Teammember since: 2019


Discipline: Freeride 


Ergonomics in cycling is important for me,because I ride every day, all kind of bike, and I want take care of my body to ride more longer as I can.


SQlab Favourite products: 7OX grips, 611 ERGOWAVE® ltd. S´Qantara 


Motto: Simplicity


Road or Trails: Trails 


Carbon or S-Tube: S-Tube for stability 


12° or 16°: 12°

Hans Rey
SQlab Teammember since: ever and ever


Discipline: Adventure, Trial, Freeride and Ebike 


Being part of the SQlab team means for me driving the best products and being part of a cool and innovative team/company.


Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because: of course it is very important, especially once you have experienced the advantages of correct ergonomics. 


Favourite Product: 611 active Sattel (14) because of the long nose


Greatest success: To have seen the world and to make my hobby my profession = Lifestyle

SQlab Teammember since: 2017


Discipline: Trial & Trail & Abenteuer


Ergonomics in cycling is important for me, because during my adventure journeys I often spend days on my bike, when there is pressure somewhere on the way I can have bigger problems - so I can get involved in my adventure one hundred percent.


SQlab Favourite products: 7OX grips, 611 ERGOWAVE® ltd. S´Qantara & last but not least


Greatest success: Nobody was ever faster on 400m hurdles than me, I was just on the road with my bike.


Lift or pedal? first Lift, then pedaling and carrying my bike


Carbon or S-Tube? Carbon (instead of condition???)

SQlab Teammember since : ever and ever

Discipline: Mountainbike


For me, being part of the SQlab team means being authentic in my choice of partner: I ride the best saddles in the world. My ass spends a lot of time on them. I owe it to him!


Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because it is immediately noticeable! Cycling without pain with control is simply more fun.


SQlab Favourite Product: Grips 7OX and 711 Tech & Trail and Ergowave 611 Carbon 


Greatest successes: Having as much fun cycling as you had when you were eleven.

This resulted in 3 German championship titles BMX and one runner-up DH.


Carbon orS-Tube? Carbon.


12° or 16°? 12°

SQlab Teammember since : 2016

Discipline: Trails, All Mountain, Adventures
Together with Holger Meyer, we take bikers on biking experiences at our camps, events and adventures. 


Ergonomics in cycling is important to me because as I sit on my bike almost every day in summer. Since I am on the bike with the SQlab products, I have no more back problems.


SQlab Favourite Product: My favourite product is the 611 Ergowave saddle in Endless Summer Blue and the 70X grips to match. I am proud to be part of the SQlab team and to ride the good ergonomic products. 


Motto: I love adventure with my bike. And I try to positively accept psychological and physical challenges in life with and without a bike.


Fotocredits: Maria Knoll; Andreas Vigl; Max Schumann

SQlab Team member since: 2016


Discipline: Trails , Mountains , Adventure , EMTB
Runs together with Karen Eller www.dieasenmaeher.de


Ergonomics in cycling is important for me because I sit on the bike very often and the SQ lab products are the ideal connection between body and bike. 


Favourite product: Super saddles and top grips, my favourite is 611 Ergowave and the 70X grips in small. Riding the best products and being part of a cool team is a lot of fun.


My greatest successes: For me, the biggest success is that after 30 years of mountain biking, I can still ride the most beautiful trails and that I can experience these great moments together with top products and recently even with my family.


Motto: Be thankful!


Fotocredits: Andreas Vigl

SQLab team riders since: 2020


Discipline: 4x, Dual, Urban Dh-Race Events, Enduro, BMX, Pumptrack


Ergonomics in cycling is important for me, because an optimally personalized setup has a positive effect on performance and an ergonomically unsuitable saddle is an absolute "fun-killer" on every ride, no matter how beautiful it is.


SQlab favourite products: 611 ERGOWAVE® active Carbon, 3OX ltd. Camo 9°, 7OX, ONE10


Greatest successes: UCI 4x Vice World Champion, Kalnica Bikefest "King of the Hill" & "King of the Pumptrack", 1st place Downmall Prague, 2nd place 4x Pro Tour Overall, 2nd place 4x Fort William, 2nd place JBC 4x Revelations, Czech Republic, 1st place 4x Pro Tour Poland, 1st place 4x Pro Tour Val di Sole, Italy, 1st place Red Bull Pumptrack Neunkierchen and Leogang, Multiple BMX National Champion


Lift or pedal?  Lift to shoot - pedalling to enjoy


Fotocredits: Markus Slavik Photography

SQlab Team member since: 2015


Discipline: MTB Cross Country, MTB Marathon, Cyclocross and Road


Ergonomics in cycling is important to me only the interaction brings you further


Favourite product: 612R and SQ Short ONE12


My greatest successes: 1st at Bikefestival Riva, Willingen and Saalfelden. 8x Bavarian Champion Cyclocross and MTB, 2x 1st Bundesliga Cyclocross Munich and Albstadt

2nd place overall stage race Epic Israel, Transmaurienne France, Volcat Spain, 3rd place overall stage race international Bundesliga MTB


Motto: No Pain no gain 


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