Numbness of hands and fingers


Feelings of numbness usually manifest themselves in the form of "fallen asleep" extremities. The trigger for this is insufficient blood circulation in the respective parts of the body, which can be caused by an incorrect posture or position. As a rule, the feeling returns after a short time, accompanied by a tingling sensation (ischemia) in the affected area. 

Feelings of numbness often occur in the fingers when riding a bicycle, as these are subjected to high pressure or the handle of the bicycle favours a misalignment. 

CAUSES of numbness 

High pressure on the outside 

Cause - high pressure on the outside of the hand  

numbness in the ring and the little finger

SQlab Solution 

Grips with a SQlab relief wing 

Lateral, overstretched wrist   

Cause - laterally overstretched wrist 

numbness in the index finger, middle finger or thumb

SQlab Solution 

handlebar with more backsweep for a natural hand position

Pressure on the carpal tunnel exit  

Cause -high pressure on the carpal tunnel outlet 

numbness in the index finger, middle finger or thumb

Relief wing loads the carpal tunnel exit

SQlab Solution 

Relief of the carpal tunnel exit by means of a relief wing placed far outwards

Wide relief wing on the outside - Carpal tunnel exit is free