For racers who are out of diapers

The new SQ-Pad 12, has a maximum thickness of 4 mm and initially feels both exceptionally firm and of high quality. Everyone that rides regularly knows that for rides of over 30 min duration, a saddle with thin firm padding is considerably more comfortable than a saddle with thick soft padding. The same is true for a chamois. Most chamois are about 12 mm thick and soft - UNTIL NOW!

No shear forces

The pain originates at the periosteum, whereby the pressure is less the problem, but more the shearing forces caused by the pedalling movement. The slight but constant movement of the pelvis on the saddle causes painful shear forces on the periosteum. The SQ-Pad11 trouser pad has a thin layer of orthopaedic TPE gel. This gel was specially developed to absorb shear forces in the medical field.

No pressure marks & extra protection

Due to their taut design, the SQ-Pads retain their shape. This means that they are not pushed uncomfortably inwards during pedalling, as is the case with many high, soft pads.

The SQ-Short ONE11 is equipped with a removable SAS-Tec Tripleflex Protector on the sides. The protector provides additional protection in case of falls.